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Evictions Canceled Due To Inclement Weather Must Reschedule On The Day Of Eviction

An eviction can be cancelled in Maryland when:

  • The weather is below 32 degrees on the day of the eviction
  • Precipitation: it is raining or snowing on the day of the eviction
  • One day before the eviction, the resident gets an extension from an empathetic judge for ONE WEEK but this translates into ONE MONTH due to the process!

At the eviction, a resident may make ambiguous claims which forces the Deputy Sherriff to arrange a court date for that afternoon. This will result in the judge either upholding the eviction which is then conducted IMMEDIATELY following this decision, OR it may result in the judge being empathetic to the claims of the resident which means that the eviction may be cancelled or “stayed” (extended) to another court date.

It is critically important to call the sheriff on the day of the eviction to reschedule! If you do not, you will have to refile the warrant or restitution which will cost you at least another one month to evict the resident AND another $40(county), $50(Baltimore city)!

To AVOID this, simple call the Sherriff after 9:30A on the day of the eviction!!!

Baltimore County 410-512-2021

Baltimore City Ms. Black 410-396-7412 410-396-7439fax

Charles County 301-932-2222

Allegany County 301-777-1585

Anne Arundel County 410-222-1189

Calvert County 410-535-2800

Harford County 410-838-6600 option 2-7-1

Howard County 410-313-4222

Hopefully your eviction date won’t fall on a day that is raining, snowing, or below 32F! But if it does: DO NOT FORGET TO CALL TO RESCHEDULE A NEW EVICTION ON THE DAY OF THE EVICTION.

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